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Introducing the book The Sticking Point Solution

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In today’s world where people are depressed; some nations are poor and others are working hard, a few are rich and powerful, some are lazy and just watching, and some are looking to survive with low economic growth rates. Of course, these people put the old slogan of slow and steady type and doing everything alone at the top of their agenda, and eventually, they will be constantly on the move.

Explosive cash flow!

In macroeconomics, when some countries face economic difficulties, they quickly turn to money supply and printing; (In the current banking system, credit and not just cash) Experience has shown that businesses and individuals also believe in times of economic hardship that more cash flow will solve all their problems; If this is a common misconception that a lot of money should be injected to create new life. A similar historical experience that people had in these countries was that they did not have any special savings; finally, they have not experienced investment, optimization, or innovation.

What do you think is the root of poverty and its destructive cycle in the economy? Or what are the root of wealth and its evolution cycle in the economy?

Mexico stacked money bundles

Mexico stacked money bundles show explosive cash flow

What is economic stagnation?

When the book “The Sticking Point Solution” is published in Iran with the introduction and translation of “Saeed Royande”, the world is in a great post-coronary recession. The powerful shock of rising global prices and unprecedented inflation in the world, on the one hand, and on the other, rising energy prices such as oil and the wars between Russia and Ukraine, have been able to fuel these increases; For example, some food items have increased many times! The combination of the above events has created a chain of economic stagnation or bankruptcy at the macro level. Of course, a closer look reveals that even in this situation, small parts of the countries’ industries and services are still active.

You can become a stable economic source in a recession!

Of course, a few also experience sustainable growth and multiplication during this difficult period! These people also continue to work richer and more powerful than before; at the same time, the internal and external challenges of these people put them on the path of growth and prosperity, and not destructive growth! This happens if the general public and the economy are at a standstill, which, of course, will lead to the destruction and bankruptcy of society.

Businessman try to holding wood

Businessman try to hold wood

Prosperity in any economic situation

By reading Jay Abraham’s book, “The Sticking Point Solution”, Prosperity in Every Economic Situation, you will find that a bad economic situation is a great and pristine opportunity for anyone to change their way of thinking; Next, changing thinking to the right can be very effective in identifying “efficient” and “inefficient” factors; And finally, in this way, in times of economic instability, we can become a stable economic resource. It should be noted that old, old, and traditional methods have no place in modern economics; so please do not issue a death sentence for your business by imitating public opinion!

What is destructive growth?

Jay Abraham, the author of “The Sticking Point Solution”, believes that: Hard times and economic hardships, with all their fears, threats, worries, and misleading economic theories, are an opportunity to achieve sustainable and exponential growth for yourself and society. . But on the other hand, one can remain stagnant, and also experience destructive growth!

If you are currently experiencing a severe downturn in your business, you should seek help and guidance from skilled people and business coaches immediately; and in the first step, quickly change the way you work with the new perspective you have learned. Next, you should be able to identify your profit and loss centers and identify the main, secondary, and retaining factors in each task. You need to know that increasing false productivity will not make any difference to you, and you need to look for real and tangible growth and development.

Bored businessman playing with thumbs of his hands

Bored businessman playing with thumbs of his hands

Recognize the types of economic leverages

There are times in the economy when you have to use the right leverage to get out of trouble; just like when you are stuck in the snow and you have to use the right lever to get out of it; because otherwise, you will sink more and more in the snow. The issue of economic leverage necessitates the knowledge of good and destructive economic principles; So you have to be fully acquainted with the types of good and bad levers, as well as your tangible and intangible assets so that you can change the game in the blink of an eye and put a new strategy at the forefront of your work. You have to give up the strategy of survival (defense), and transform your life and society with the strategy of superiority (attack).

Bottom line

Remember that in today’s world no country can be an economic island, and it will not grow without the cooperation of other nations; so you also learn to stop working alone and benefit from the help of others and their resources; So that you can replace the current worn-out economy with the new economy.

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