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The 10,000-fold growth book is special for me because it taught me the basics of being successful in business. This book can teach you that any business without the presence of its founder can have continuous and stable growth in any economic and market conditions, and bring stable and continuous results for people and society. I can say without a doubt that you cannot become a successful entrepreneur without reading Michael Gerber’s book series.

What is your definition of a business?

My personal opinion is much closer to the definitions of the 10,000-fold business growth book than other existing definitions; Because Mr. Gerber believes that many businesses today do not have the standards and criteria of a real business. They do things they don’t like, they don’t have justifiable plans and investments, they don’t grow or their growth has stopped or they are worn out and old. Anyway, I don’t know what name can be given to them, but they definitely do not fall under the definition of modern entrepreneurship and advanced businesses.

Growth your Business

Growth your Business

Characteristics of modern businesses

In modern times, successful businesses are always dynamic, exciting, and unpredictable. They do not accept being one-dimensional in any way, they always leave their mark on the economy and do not let their customers forget them. A successful modern business is a business that is challenging, and constantly growing; So that its economic development reaches all members of society. The 10,000-fold growth book teaches you that many so-called businesses are doomed to “small death” because they go to the company every day and do repetitive and boring tasks again.

10 principles of the 10 thousand times growth book

In this book, 10 principles are discussed, which tried their best to activate your imagination by using your imagination. These principles in practice can lead to saving your life and others.

Businesswoman on business meeting talking with colleague

Businesswoman on business meeting talking with colleagues

The first principle: a properly built business can grow up to 10,000 times!

The higher and higher the building, the deeper and stronger foundation should be considered for it. Unfortunately, many businesses are not businesses due to inappropriate infrastructure, they are not expandable, or their growth is not justified. Until something big, lofty, and powerful is formed in your mind and imagination, great creation will not take place. It is important that the starting point is formed correctly and larger than usual in your mind. You should be able to imagine and see the path you started to the end.

The main question is: What is the obstacle that does not allow you to grow 10 thousand times, and have a stunning economic enterprise?

The second principle: the idea behind businesses is the basis of their formation

How is it possible for people and big companies to make mistakes? Yes, that’s right, because they are old. To be successful, you need to start a new idea, a new business, and be a new person. Deficiency in any of these areas can cause you to perish.

You have to create an idea that doesn’t exist before. And of course, it should be your own idea and not someone giving you a gift. The important thing about the nature of “idea” is that with the birth of an idea, you also find a rebirth; it challenges your idea and opens up space in your mind, forcing you to move from your new self, not your old self.

Business growth concept financial report

Business growth concept financial report

The third principle: the cooperation of all departments is necessary for the success of businesses

In the business that you build, it is all parts of it that make the result and not one part. Collaboration between internal and external departments creates distinctive results. All departments should work together in harmony and order to produce a better result.

The division of internal and external departments, as well as creating a special brand, is the key to your success.

In this section, it is necessary to remind us that success is like a coin; It has 2 faces and 1 edge. So, whenever you can, go outside and establish order in all departments.

The fourth principle: business should prosper in every economic period

(Economic periods of prosperity, recession, and crisis)

Remember that in order to create a world-class business, you must be able to implement all these 10 principles. Your dependence should be on these 10 principles, not the economic situation of the country. Next, you need to focus on results instead of focusing on tasks and processes. As a related personal suggestion, I can say: have products and services that do not go out of fashion after a while. Think about things and do them that will have a long-term impact; It is important to stop thinking of recreating the past and replace it with innovation. Set the highest quality standards for your business and make others compete with you. Finally, try to react to what you see, hear or feel.

Grow your business letter cube beside calculator

Grow your business letter cube beside calculator

The fifth principle: Business is school

The wisdom hidden in global businesses that have the potential to grow 10,000 times includes three important points:

  • They have accepted the reality of learning.
  • They look at people who go to work every day.
  • They know how to deliver healthy and correct people to society.
  • Before any work, the right and suitable people choose the same department and introduce them to the theory: “The right work produces the right results”.

Don’t forget, a school that has the spirit of being a school and teaches us new things about life, work, money, entrepreneurship, innovation, thinking and things like that can create beautiful work and last. In fact, it is very important to know that we must be as strong as what we create.

Principle 6: Business should be a reflection of higher goals

We are everything in this world except intelligent and aware human beings. What has happened that we have become soulless iron machines with only mechanically predetermined behaviors? As if we all fell into a deep sleep; but who are the causes of this deep sleep? I imagine that only we are the cause of it.

My opinion is that before reaching your main goal and mission, you must be awake in the first step; it seems very strange that the general perception of society attributes our unconscious choices to our conscious ones. At this stage, the most important thing to do is to ask yourself: How will I be aware and alert? In this way, you will find your true self and by following the recommendations of this principle, you can realize your awareness and unconsciousness. It is your reaction to challenges that shows whether you are awake or asleep.

Business people analyzing documents and discussing

Business people analyzing documents and discussing

Principle 7: Global businesses are the result of a higher purpose

The lofty goal is like the goal that the top entrepreneurs of the new era, such as Mr. Muhammad Younsi, have reached; He taught the general public about money, learned how to use money in poor areas, and paid special attention to the empowerment of women in society.

Mr. Mohammad Younsi, this modern-day entrepreneur, set up more than 2,500 banks with the aim of helping the weak and vulnerable sections of the society in deprived areas across the country; which grants microloans to its applicants who are generally deprived areas; Instead of giving loans to a specific group or government companies and creating a new rent. You must be able to take yourself and your business beyond where you are today, to create a positive change in the world.

Principle 8: You and your business must move in the light

Life can be changed in a fraction of a second, or sometimes it may take up to 70 years!

We should ask ourselves why we have a normal life and business?!

Maybe it is because God is not present in our business. Undoubtedly, by examining sustainable businesses, you can see to what extent the thought and remembrance of God have been associated with them.

Yellow bulb outstanding

Yellow bulb outstanding

Principle 9: Global business is an economic entity

Is it true that they say: money brings money? – No. Money is like fuel and energy.

This energy is used to think, grow, progress, and live. You must first understand the true meaning of money and then find the meaning of independence and self-reliance. In the age of new entrepreneurs, you must be able to build your own economy; this construction should be independent of the country’s economy and government, market, and trade.

After becoming independent, you can create a 5-fold economy in your work with one action; that is, just multiply your resources, capital, market, cash, and manpower by 5 times. Now you can understand that if the country increases the economy by 5 times, we are facing a 5 times economy at the national level. Remember that 10,000-fold growth lies at the heart of this 5-fold growth.

Business beautiful woman writing in business notebook

Business beautiful woman writing in business notebook

Principle 10: Global businesses are “standard-setters”.

What is the spirit of your business? It is interesting to know that the spirit of success is always refreshing, full of talents, adventurous and curious, and on the rise.

How is the state of your soul?

Have you been depressed in your family or school? Do you have a soulless company and way of thinking? Before you can set a higher standard, you need to properly address the state of your soul; then go about your business and life. Establish high moral, spiritual, and financial standards to encourage others to compete with you instead of competing with others.

In the end, it is also important to remember that you and I chose to become entrepreneurs to save the lives of others; this is the path that has saved many people’s lives so far, and it will undoubtedly save yours too. Just start what you are going to start.

This is how you get rid of the world full of old thoughts, old ideas, old entrepreneurship, and old companies. With new ideas and horizons, create new products and services to solve society’s problems; because it is a basic and important principle that whoever serves society more will be richer.

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