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Introducing the Zero to One book

Zero to one book

The book Zero to One written by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel, which has managed to gain a large audience around the world, is about creating new and new businesses in the future and building a society free from poverty and unemployment.

What is the biggest “sin” in our society?

This sin can be a game of competition between men and women, workers and employers, families, students, cities and countries, rich and poor classes, and finally competition between products and companies.

Where do you think the legend of competition is rooted?

Is it rooted in our faulty, outdated, and old educational system in schools and universities?

It is our educational system that stimulates our passion for competition by grading and scoring; And in this ominous game, higher scores also convey a higher sense of “credibility” and “respect”. “Competition” and “competition” in any part of life, business, and relationships are equal to a losing battle, which wise people always avoid.

Always be a creative monopoly!

On the contrary, you should look for uniqueness and exclusivity with an open and creative mind; and be and create something that has never existed before. Of course, I would like to clarify that the meaning of monopoly is not government-type, far-fetched, and rentier, which is completely harmful to the country’s economy and society.

Rather, I mean the creative monopolists of Iran’s trade, which began to emerge in the 1340s; important people such as Mr. “Mohammad Rahim Mottaghi Irvani” who founded “kafshe-melli” brand, Mr. “Mahmoud Khayyami” who became famous with “Iran National” or Mr. “Mohammad-Taghi Barkhordar” who was nicknamed “Iranian household appliance industries” by establishing “Pars Industrial Group”. There were people like this who were able to create the highest economic growth in that era by the new and better products they invented; Products that were also “useful” and “compatible” with society. The biggest secrets are in the hands of creative monopolists in the country and anywhere in the world; And in order to discover these secrets, these people and companies should be carefully examined. To get out of the competitive game, you have to become ten times better than everyone else according to the law of “power and escalation”.

Zero to one book review

Zero to one book review

Moving from a “traditional economy” toward a “modern economy”

In the distant past and in the traditional “win and lose” economy, which meant seizing other people’s belongings and resources, a lot of “mass wealth” was created. But today, in the modern economy, by creating new things and vertical progress along with technology, we can also be successful as in the 20th century; and without copying from others, let’s build a different world than ours today.

A Rebirth with zero to one

Zero to one is when you are reborn; (rebirth) and it is when you create something new, which is “unique” and “new”. Now, if you cannot invest in creating new things in the future, you will face serious problems and even failure.

The book “Zero to One” written by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel with an introduction and translation by Saeed Royande, is about an advanced future in which society members have come together with a sense of responsibility, good intentions, and a mission to create a society. Get better; they work day and night to eliminate “poverty”, “unemployment” and “inflation”, to witness a happy and healthy society.

Bottom line

Our life is like chess and to be successful you must be able to read the endgame before anything else. In this “real world” we should not do repetitive, useless, copied, wrong and old things over and over again; rather, we have to enter new paths that we have not been in or done before.

Written by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel

With an introduction and translation by Saeed Royande

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